Federico Matera

Federico Matera

Software Engineer - Programmer


I am a student enrolled at the Master in Engineering and Computer Science with a major in Software Engineering and Security, a computer and video games enthusiast. I love learning new things every day, not just those related to my field of interest.

My main skills are computer security, software engineering and Java programming in all its facets (webapp, desktop applications, Android applications, video games).

Work Experiences

Android developer - DuckMa (March 2016 - today)

DuckMa is an italian company with the core business in mobile application and new technologies development. I began this collaboration in parallel at the end of my studies, it is to bring the world of work my current skills, both to learn software development methods, work in team and to deepen my skills on the Android platform.

Programmer - MarabuntaLAB (March 2014 - March 2015)

MarabuntaLAB was an independent team developing videogames. I participated in this team since its inception serving as Java programmer. In September 2014 we published the first videogame for the Android platform: Volny.

  • Participated in the conception of video games;
  • designed the software;
  • programmed in Java using the framework LibGDX;
  • optimized the source code with a particular emphasis on performance; I was able to allow even devices with limited resources to run the game maintaining a good level of fluency and playability (about 60 fps on a terminal of the medium-low);
  • organized the work of the team by scheduling;
  • gave full support to end users for bug fixes.

IT Technician - Istituto Enrico Medi (March 2008 - today)

Enrico Medi is a private school in Salò that includes a middle school and high school. From my school entry as a computer technician I gained over time the position of head of IT.

  • Installation of hardware or software on both client and server of the school;
  • planning and control of the backup server side;
  • resolution of hardware and software faults;
  • Windows network configuration, user accounts and permissions with particular regard to the privacy and confidentiality of teachers and administration;
  • optimization of resources;
  • refresher courses for staff;
  • quick support to the administration staff and teachers;
  • solutions upgrade fleet respecting the budget and the best deals on the market; since my arrival in the company the number of computers has increased from 30 to 80, I recommend the purchase of a new server that has improved the efficiency of daily operations and security of your backups.




Volny is an Android videogame, an endless run where the player have to drive a clumsy robot in deep space. I co-designed and programmed the game entirely in Java using the framework LibGDX.

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University Projects


This is a university project made in Java with Play Framework, an open source web application framework. The main purpose was to learn and use the websockets, embedded in a web application that provide a pictures sharing board.

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Databases course project

This is a university project of the databases course. It is composed of two parts:

  • database design (ER design and SQL code for PostgreSQL);
  • website design (design with MVC2 pattern and implementation in Tomcat with JSP, Servlets and JAVA).

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